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Zhang Kechun - The Yellow River (2010-12)

“Kechun spent two years on the banks of the Yellow River, the waterway considered both the cradle of Chinese civilization and, when it breaks its banks, its curse. ‘I wanted to photograph the river respectfully,’ said Zhang. ‘It represents the root of the nation.’

Kechun’s project has the feel of a pilgrimage. He traveled on a fold-up bicycle, following the river’s silted water from the coastal flats of Shandong, west, to the mountains of Qinghai. He journeyed for a month at a time, lugging a large format Linhof camera, a tripod and just enough film. Sometimes, he said, he went a week without taking a picture. ‘I wanted to take my time, to slow down and experience every second of the moment.’

He did not set out to document environmental destruction — others have done that. But China’s headlong rush to develop has scarred the country’s land, air and water, and the mighty Yellow River is no exception. ‘I started off wanting to photograph my ideal of the river, but I kept running into pollution,’ he said. ‘I realized that I couldn’t run away from it, and that I didn’t need to run away from it.’

Though the lunar tones and low horizons feel foreboding, Kechun insists the project carries a message of hope. There is a reason all the people in his pictures look tiny: ‘The power of humans is nothing compared to the power of nature, even when we try to change it. Century upon century, the river runs.’”

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the government is smart
real smart
back in the days
they used to burn books and papers
to block the information they dont want you to know

to censor it to delete it
and killed people who knew

to stop revolution

to block new ideas

to keep us under control

in the world we live in today,

we are over loaded with information

theres too much information

too much of useless information


to make us feel as if

we have “the freedom of speech”

and the right “to know”

well the truth is
the government is smart
real smart

they knew how to control us

to trick us in to the false feeling of “freedom”

and gave us too much information

now its hard to figure out

which is important, which is not

because theres too much information

too much facts

too many varieties

so that the society breaks up

into a million individuals

and the media, the advertising, the society

tells people to be SELFISH

to be ALONE


and to be in YOUR WORLD

everything is now YOU YOU YOU

its all about YOU

YOU are a star


YOU can have it for 15.99

is it YOURS

to stop communication

to stop revolution

by creating millions and millions of small revolutions

by creating millions of individuals

to break unity

to break conscienciousness

to break humanity.

so heres my contribution